I’m Zach Heilman. This is me:


I am several things:

  • A student at Iowa State University, majoring in Computer Engineering.
  • An ops intern at Vail Systems
  • A sysadmin and staff member for ISEAGE, which puts on multiple Cyber Defense Competitions (exercises in counter-hacking) every year. I was the director of the 2012 ISU CDC and the 2013 Community College CDC.
  • A DJ. We’ve performed at multiple high school dances, college parties, weddings, and much more.
  • An organist for Memorial Lutheran Church, as well as a substitute organist for other churches around central Iowa.
  • A general technology geek. Among the things I enjoy are XKCD, Ars Technica, owning way too many computers for my own good, messing with Debian, Fedora, and FreeBSD variants, and the occasional programming project in one of several languages; so far I’ve dabbled in C, C#, Java, Python, PHP, and even PowerShell and Bash scripting. Take a look at some of my projects here.

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